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White color cotton panel embriodery suit set


Elevate your wardrobe with our exquisite white cotton embroidered suit set. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the kurta features intricate panel embroidery and delicate lace work, exuding elegance and charm. The kurta comes with attached lining for added comfort and modesty. Paired with comfortable cotton pants, and complemented by a soft cotton stall type dupatta, this ensemble is perfect for any occasion, offering both style and comfort. Embrace timeless sophistication with this stunning suit set.

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To ensure the longevity and pristine condition of your white cotton embroidered suit set, please follow these wash care instructions:

1. *Separate Colors*: Wash the kurta, pants, and dupatta separately to prevent any color bleeding or transfer.

2. *Gentle Cycle*: Machine wash the garments on a gentle cycle with cold water to preserve the delicate embroidery and lace work.

3. *Mild Detergent*: Use a mild detergent that is gentle on fabrics to avoid damaging the embroidery and fabric fibers.

4. *Avoid Bleach*: Refrain from using bleach or harsh chemicals as they can cause discoloration and weaken the fabric.

5. *Hand Wash Option*: Alternatively, you can hand wash the garments in cold water with a gentle detergent, especially if the embroidery is particularly delicate.

6. *Line Dry*: After washing, hang the kurta, pants, and dupatta separately in the shade to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent any fading.

7. *Steam Ironing*: Iron the garments inside out with a low to medium heat setting to smooth out wrinkles and creases. Avoid ironing directly on the embroidery to prevent damage.

8. *Store Carefully*: Store the suit set in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its pristine condition.

Following these wash care instructions will help preserve the beauty and integrity of your white cotton embroidered suit set for years to come.

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